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screw the partyu/holy_shitamolyf4m[Tomboy][Friends to Lovers] [Teasing][Cuddling] [L-Bombs] [Halloween]herereddit
sleepy 3am-f4m[Improv][First Audio][Sleepy][Lets go to bed][GFE]herereddit
act like a brat, get treated like one-f4f[GFE][Degradation][Wet Noises][Mild Fdom][Brat Taming][Spanking][Spit][Pussy Eating][Fingering]herereddit
we gotta be quiet-f4m[Hold the Moan] [Light Fingering] [Giggles] [Slow] [Cover My Mouth] [Whispering] [Rape][via coercion]herereddit
I Just Want You To Be My Good Pet u/MyNameMadeyousmileyf4m[FDom] [Virgin Listener] [Shy Boy] [Good Boy] [Fantasizing About You] [Dirty Talk] [Telling You What I Wish I Could Do To You] [Calling You My Pet] [Mentions Of Taking Your Virginity] [No Degradation] [No Humiliation]herereddit
Just a little bit longer should be okay… right?u/Lustful_Crunchf4m[Friends to Lovers] [Slippery Slope] [Confession] [Kissing] [Riding] [Unprotected Sex] [Creampie] [Wet Noises]herereddit
New Years Dealu/ManagerofWildeff4m[Gentle Fdom] [Mean Fdom] [MD/lb] [Bondage] [Degrading][Good boys] [Edging] [Hair pulling] [Ass fingering] [Stroking] [Whispers] mentions of [Pegging] and [Impact play] and [Free use]herereddit
No Experience Necessaryu/utteredbunf4m[Friends to Lovers] [Virgin Listener] [It's Okay I'm Experienced] [First Handjob] [First Kiss] [New Relationship]herereddit
I Just Want To Be Your Good Girl -f4m[Voicemail] [Wet Noises] [GFE] [Telling You What I Want] [I Miss You] [Breathy]herereddit
Strawberries and Cream-f4m[Cafe] Semi [Public] [Puns] [Creampie] [Blowjob] [Wet Noises] [Cute]herereddit
My Disney Ear Collection -f4a[Ramble] [Sleep Aid] [Nerdy] [Disney] [1 Hour]herereddit
What I Would Do To a Sweet Shy Boy Like Youu/MyNameMadeYouSmileyf4m[Gentle FDom] [Imagination] [JOI] [Shy/Nervous Guy] [Virgin Guy] [Telling You My Fantasy] [Good Boy] [Jerk That Cock Baby] [Imagine Me Doing It] [Close Your Eyes] [Rubbing My Cunt] [Orgasm]herereddit
Risky Creampie for Dessert-f4m[Slippery Slope] [GFE] [Parents House] [Almost Caught] [Early Ejaculation] [You Can Go Again?] [Creampie] [Fingering] [Blowjob] [Riding] [Whispers] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Midterm Study Date Stress Release-f4m[Friends to Lovers] [Confession] [Dorm Room] [Fingering] [Condom] [Make out] [Vanilla] [Wet Noises] [Embarrassed] [Whisper] [Keyboard Noises]herereddit
Horny Roommate Needs a Hand With Her Studiesu/breathingdirtyair505f4m[College/University] [Roommates] [Uninhibited Speaker/Prude Listener] slightly [Tsundere] [Studying While Masturbating] [Stress Relief] [Fingering] [Blowjob] [Riding] [Doggy] [Creampie] [Multiple Orgasms] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Your Stronk Bunny Girlfriend Milks Out Your Cum for Breakfast at the Dineru/therealshawnaleef4m[GFE] [Monstergirl] [Bunny girl] [Gentle Fdom] [Muscular] [Under the table] [Stroking you] [Through the pants] [Handjob] [Hold the moan] [Cum in hands] [Cumplay] [Cum for breakfast] [Good boy] [Wholesome]herereddit
Your Hot & Confident Friend Seduces You On Valentine's Dayu/mynamemadeyousmileyf4m[Gentle Fdom] [Friends To Lovers] [Valentine's Day] [Shy, Nervous Guy] [Virgin Guy] [Confident Girl] [Seduction] [Grinding] [First Kiss] [Blowjob] [Riding You] [Cum Inside] [Creampie] [Orgasm] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Free Samples u/MareyTf4m[Juice Bar] [New Job] [Fruit Puns] [Like a lot of Fruit Puns] [Dorky] [Cute] [Free Samples] Semi [Public] [Hand Job] [Mild FDom] [Breast Play] [Wet Noises] [Cunnilingus] [Creampie] [Cum Play] [Taste us Together]herereddit
A Non-Humilating Pegging With Your Best Friendu/mynamemadeyousmileyf4m[Gentle FDom] [Best Friends] [Pussy Eating] [Cunnilingus] [Strapon] [Loving Pegging] [From Behind] [Kink Appreciation] [Dirty Talk] [Whispering] [Upclose n Personal] [No Humilation] [No Degradation] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Your College Girl Roommate Never Would’ve Guessed That You’re A Virginu/AnxietyFreeHappinessf4m[Friends To Lovers] [College] [Virgin Guy] [Insecure] [Kinda Tsundere] [Slow Build] [Teasing] [Cunnilingus] [Passionate Sex] [Begging] [Dirty Talk] [Cum In Mouth] [Sweet] [Aftercare] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Mommy Wants To Fill You In The Showeru/HighlyAdventurousf4m[Gentle Fdom] [Mommydom] [A Long Steamy Shower] [Shower Sounds] [Just Relax] [Reacharound] [Kissing your neck] [Teasing] [Handjob] [Lube][Prostate Play] [Squeezing Your Ass] [Pegging] [Spanking] [Cumming Twice] [Good Boy]herereddit
Sunbathing With Your Hot Best Friend Turns Into Passionate Fuckingu/mynamemadeyousmileyf4m[Switchy] [Friends to Lovers] [Summer Vibes] [Outdoors] [Sunbathing] [In Nature] [Teasing] [Passionate Kissing] [Dirty talk] [Doggystyle] [Riding] [Missionary] [Eye Contact] [Orgasm] [Cum Inside] [Creampie]herereddit
I Know My Parents Are Downstairs But Do You Wanna Fuck Real Quick?u/AnxietyFreeHappinessf4m[Script Fill] [FDom to FSub] [GFE] [Sporty Girl] in [Yoga Pants] [Sentimental] [Pinning You Down] [Riding You] [Grinding] [Handjob] [Pussyjob] [Cowgirl] [Creampie] [Have To Be Quiet] [1 L-Bomb] [Hand Over Mouth] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Sorry Babe, I Have More Karma Than You, Time For Me to Dom You-f4m[Shitpost?] [Gentle Fdom] [Teasing] [L-bomb] [Begging] [Spanking] [Degradation] [Calling the Listener a Karma Whore] [Multiple Orgasms] [Face Sitting] [Creampie] [Aftercare] [Optional Pegging Scene] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Make a Move, Loser: Your Old Bully Lets You Prove Yourselfu/escapedterroristf4m[Rough] [Switchy] [Power Struggle] [Bully] [High School Reunion] [Tsundere] [Fingering] [Cowgirl] [Doggy Style] [Enemies to Lovers] [Fdom] [Popular Girl] [Wet Noises]herereddit
Tied Down and Dominated By Your Hot Gangster Girlfriendu/mynamemadeyousmileyf4m[FDom] [Female Gangster] [Loving Couple] [Tough Girl] [Tied Down] [Gunplay] [Roleplay] [Aggressive] [You Like It] [My Gangster Turns You On?] [Riding You Hard] [Dirty Talk] [Orgasm] [Cum Inside] [Creampie] [Fill Me Up]herereddit
Do Me A Favor and Let Me Peg You-f4m[Friends to Lovers] [First Time] [Pegging] [Tsundere] [Doing Me A Favor] [Male Fingering] [Ride It Like The Needy Guy You Are] [Handjob] [Missionary] [Riding] [Gentle Fdom] [Slight Degradation] [Rain]herepatreon
Lets Get You More Comfortable-f4a[Nude Modeling] [Art Class] [Teacher] [Mutual Masturbation] [Exhibitionism] [Voyeurism] [Praising] [Let Me Watch You]herepatreon
I Don't Care That They're Right Next To Us, I Need You Now -f4m[Drunk][Whisper][Giggles][Handjob][Fingering][Hold The Moan][Slippery Slope][Wet Noises][Hand Over Mouth][Creampie]herepatreon
Your Childhood Bestfriend Confesses-f4a[confession][nervousness][cute][sfw]hereyoutube
Girlfriend Cuddles and comforts you in a thunderstorm-f4a[thunderstorm][sleepaid][whispering][heartbeat][cuddling][sfw]hereyoutube
Long-distance girlfriend leaves a voicemail-f4a[voicemail][cute][girlfriend roleplay] [sfw]hereyoutube